Fishing Competition on the Brooklyn Waterfront

2nd Annual Brooklyn Urban Anglers (BCUAA) Fishing Derby.  Starts 12am Oct 1, Ends sundown Nov 21.  Eligible Fish:  striped bass and bluefish.  Locations allowed: North Brooklyn Waterfront, defined as Red Hook to LIC.  To learn more or to register for the Fishing Derby click here.

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Citizen Cartography Workshop: Stretching Newtown Creek

On 10/29 the New York Public Library hosted a mapping workshop focused on Newtown Creek.  No technical expertise or previous experience with maps was needed.  Participants learned how to use a mapping platform developed by NYPL that allows users to stretch historical maps over contemporary maps and trace maps into downloadable/feedable datasets.  The maps generated […]

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EPA Confirms Newtown Creek Superfund Designation

The Environmental Protection Agency has announced that it will use the resources, oversight, and enforcement power of the Federal Superfund Program to clean Newtown Creek in a comprehensive and coordinated manner – complementing efforts initiated by the Newtown Creek Alliance.  NCA supports the EPA Superfund cleanup and expects that throughout the planning and remediation process […]

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New Website

Thanks to Bernard Ente, Mai Armstrong, Mitch Waxman and Michael Heimbinder for helping build the new Newtown Creek Alliance website. Have a look around and let us know what you think.

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