Green Infrastructure

To date, Newtown Creek Alliance has been a leading advocate and community partner in promoting and increasing Green Infrastructure in NYC and within the Newtown Creek watershed. Our work includes working with Green Infrastructure practitioners and firms on project planning, advising city and state agencies on local opportunities and also community education through public workshops and outreach sessions on why Green Infrastructure matters and how residents can help create more.

With funding from the New York State Pollution Prevention Institute (NYSP2I), NCA conducted thorough research into the land use, policy and economic factors of green roof implementation within industrial areas. We produced outreach materials to better inform property owners and managers of benefits for green roofs and funding opportunities available.

Partnering with the Pratt Center and the Open Sewer Atlas, we created the Grey to Green campaign which included detailed analysis of storm water capture needs within the community. The Alliance ran informational sessions and workshops with the NYCDEP to engage the community and to encourage new practices.