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Riverkeeper patrols the Creek on a rainy day

Its just another rainy day on Newtown Creek for Riverkeeper Patrol Boat Captain John Lipscomb…here are a few notes and photos of his observations: “Newtown Creek today. Raining. We see several sites with very turbid discharges – assume storm water. No sheens. No SPDES signs. Also, at Pratt oil seep on Queens side the absorbent boom is […]

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Rally to oppose Thermal “Waste-to-Energy” Facilities

On Monday, April 9th at 10am,  environmental justice groups, environmental organizations, community leaders and elected officials from Brooklyn, the Bronx and Manhattan will rally to oppose the Bloomberg administration’s plan for thermal “Waste-to-Energy” facilities (a.k.a. incinerators). Two of the proposed sites for this facility are on the shores of Newtown Creek, and our communities host 40% […]

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Response to the City’s call for “Waste-to-Energy”

The City has issued an RFP for a pilot “waste-to-energy” facility. Thermal waste-to-energy (WTE) is the cousin of incineration, part pf a broader group of “thermal conversion” technologies such as gasification, pyrolysis, and plasma incinerators that use heat to convert municipal solid waste into a synthetic gas, and then burn it to generate energy. The City’s Phase 3 […]

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