Exploring Newtown Creek

Explore these interactive educational resources on ArcGIS StoryMaps to learn more about the biodiversity, waterways, and ecosystem around Newtown Creek in addition to NCA’s efforts in environmental remediation, restoration, and revitalization. Scroll through each resource with rich imagery and videos to learn more or click the link below each story map to levitra at walmart view the full-screen page.

The History and Geography of Newtown Creek:

What did the land around the Creek look like buy cheap propecia online pre-colonization? How was it formed? And how has it changed since? View the Full Size Story Map in a new tab here!

Climate Change Adaptations:

How is climate change impacting NYC and Newtown Creek? What are some ways we can adapt? View the Full Size Story Map in a new tab here!

Flora and Fauna of Newtown Creek:

What would a native habitat around Newtown Creek look like? What is NCA doing to make space for native species on water and land? In this storymap you will explore some of the different types of plants and animals of the region, and learn why they’ve been able to thrive here. View the Full Size Story Map here

Newtown Creek’s Water Quality:

What is the Newtown Creek Watershed? What’s a sewarshed? How does the City’s sewage infrastructure relate to its waterways? How has the development of Newtown Creek affected the region? What is being done to clean and protect our urban waterways? View the Full Size Story Map here.

Soil Quality around Newtown Creek:

What actually is soil, and why is it so important? What is unhealthy soil, and how are we working to clean it up? How does soil health impact and reflect human and ecological health? View the Full Size Story Map here.

This programming is made possible with the generous support from Consolidated Edison, Inc.