Water Quality Sampling

Improving water quality is key to the revitalization of Newtown Creek. Through our water quality monitoring programs, in conjunction with the Environmental Science department at LaGuardia Community College, we track parameters like bacteria and oxygen levels at various Creek locations, while also analyzing factors like rainfall and temperature to understand where water quality varies and why. 

Since 2016, NCA has conducted regular water quality sampling and produced a project booklet (seen above) that summarizes a number of key findings from the sampling program, as well as information about what impairs water quality and how community members can help improve conditions. 

Our water quality sampling program has been made possible with generous support from the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund and the Office of the New York State Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation. Additional support has been provided by the Hudson River Foundation.

Water Quality Sampling Data & Booklets

2023:  Water Quality Sampling Data Here (NYC CWQT)

2022:  Water Quality Sampling Data Here (NYC CWQT)

2021:  Water Quality Sampling Data Here (NYC CWQT)

2020:  Water Quality Sampling Data Here

Download our 2019 Water Quality booklet here
2019 Water Quality Sampling Data Here

Download our 2018 Water Quality booklet here
2018 Water Quality Sampling Data Here

Download our 2017 Water Quality booklet here
2017 Water Quality Sampling Data Here

Download our 2016 Water Quality booklet here.
2016 Water Quality Sampling Data Here

Check out the CUNY video below for some background info on our partnership with LaGuardia Community College: