NCA Student Researchers

NCA is pleased to be working with two very enthusiastic students this summer to expand our efforts in documenting and studying environmental conditions both on the creek as well as within the surrounding communities. See their bios and summer responsibilities below. NCA will post updates on projects Sam and Paulus are working on (including opportunities for volunteers to help out), so stay posted and come meet them both at upcoming events this summer!

Sam Wagner: Student Researcher, Waterway
Sam, a conservation biology major at SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry (SUNY-ESF), will aid in a water quality monitoring program and wildlife observation this summer. As a former environmental studies student at LaGuardia Community College, Sam became quite intimate with the conditions of Newtown Creek. In addition to his interests in citizen science, NCA may even get some use out of Sam’s Trapping Safety Certification from the NYSDEC.

Paulus Van Horne: Student Researcher, Upland
Paulus is an environmental studies student at Oberlin College in Ohio. A Greenpoint native with prior research into the Greenpoint Oil Spills, Paulus will join us this summer to oversee a handful of environmental issues taking place within the Newtown Creek watershed. This will include our involvement with the Trees Count project, work at Plank Road and overseeing air quality monitoring.

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