NCA Welcomes Spring Interns

NCA is excited to have two mexican cialis interns join us this spring, Mia and Wasfi! They will be out in the field, helping with public events and working on some exciting NCA projects in the coming months! Learn more about them below, and make sure to say hi if you see them around the Creek!

Wasfi is currently studying at BRAC University in Bangladesh and is here as an international exchange student viagra or cialis at BARD College. Wasfi is an environmental enthusiast and has experience working for environmental initiatives such as international coastal cleanup (organized by Ocean Conservancy), Green Apple Day initiatives, and CrisisCrew which is a disaster preparedness and awareness project where he serves as the chief financial Officer. Wasfi has always been mindful and vocal about the pollution around him such as plastic pollution, and the importance of planting trees.

“I have been part of many environmental initiatives from an early age and being an active part of a disaster preparedness and awareness project, doing an internship for Newtown Creek Alliance was the perfect fit for me as they were working to protect the environment of Newtown Creek. Their Horticulture work drew me in and sparked curiosity on how I can plant, nurture, and see my seedlings grow. That can be truly heartwarming and emotional, will it not be?”

Mia is a senior at the Institute for Collaborative Education, who is planning on attending Smith College in the fall for Environmental Science. Already; she is an active member of Bronx SWAB (Solid Waste Advisory Board), NYC Public Schools’ Office of Energy and Sustainability Youth Leadership Council, and Black & Brown Student Union– just to name a few. Outside of her extracurriculars she enjoys biking, hiking, yoga, gardening, discovering parks throughout NYC, and trying new foods.

If you may have not guessed already, she has a deep interest in climate change mitigation strategies for urban spaces, urban planning, and environmental conservation. “I chose to intern at NCA because of how community oriented it is. The project and goals that NCA holds in reclaiming an industrialized space and promoting ecological restoration for the general health of the community and the space is inspiring.”

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