GCEF Projects Need Your Vote!



The Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) is currently considering 13 large projects for funding. Greenpoint residents over the age of 16 will have the opportunity to vote for these projects on November 20th and 22nd. Newtown Creek Alliance is fortunate to be involved in three of these projects, including one as project lead. Please read more about the projects below and head to the polls on November 20th and 22nd! Here is more info about the voting process and who is eligible to vote.



Greenpoint Community Green Roof
Project Lead: Newtown Creek Alliance (in partnership with HighView Creations)
Funds Requested / Matching: $1,229,000 / $407,007
About: This project proposes to install a 40,300 sq. ft. intensive green roof, and conduct educational programming focused on stormwater management and habitat provided by the green roof, at the campus of Automotive High School (AHS) and Frances Perkins Academy. Major project activities include:
– performing an engineering structural analysis of the AHS roof;
– designing and installing the green roof;
– conducting training for maintaining the roof, and engaging students and the community in its maintenance;
– delivering public education about the environmental benefits of the roof through tours, programs, signs, and social media;
– developing a curriculum to support science and technology classes at the school.



AirCasting Greenpoint: Citizen Science for Clean Air
Project Lead: HabitatMap
Funds Requested / Matching: $235,388 / $893,508
About: AirCasting Greenpoint is a community-based participatory research project that will: 1) equip Greenpoint residents with wearable sensors and smartphones for recording, mapping, and sharing air quality measurements and 2) provide the Greenpoint community with innovative ways to visualize and make sense of the collected data to reduce air pollution exposures and address community concerns related to air pollution, health, and quality of life. Major activities include:
-surveying Greenpoint residents regarding their air pollution concerns;
-training participants in air quality sampling, health tracking, and data analysis;
-conducting a GIS analysis to examine relationships between air and health;
-performing a policy analysis to identify initiatives for improving air quality in Greenpoint;
-working with Greenpoint community-based organizations to review potential clean air initiatives, select several to pursue, and provide support for realizing these initiatives.
-organizing a workshop during which Greenpoint participants, trained in air quality sampling and data analysis, can transfer their knowledge and findings to others.



Intertidal Wetland Project
Project Lead: LaGuardia Community College
Funds Requested / Matching:  $130,178 / $130,911
About: This project (a continuation of the Wetland Frames work) proposes to assess degraded shoreline sites along Newtown Creek currently comprised of rip-rap and eroded bulkheads for their potential for greening using “constructed” wetland habitat.
Major project activities include:
– creating conceptual designs in collaboration with the community and professional contractors for intertidal wetland construction at two shoreline sites;
– advancing one of the two sites to a fully engineered design, including construction drawings, cost estimates, and permits;
– installing “soft” salt marsh habitat areas along the walls of existing “hard” bulkheads; and
– expanding marsh habitat units already installed on bulkhead walls at existing sites.

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