Reclaiming Our Estuary: March 9th


Join NCA and our partners at LaGuardia Community College for a special event about the ecology and restoration of Newtown Creek. The event is open to all; please RSVP here.

Thursday, March 9th
LaGuardia Community College
Little Theater in Shenker Hall
31-10 Thomson Ave
Long Island City
See Directions here

PART I  4 – 5:15pm
Overview: Rediscovering the Commons – Our Waterway and Its Life
Welcome to the estuary – Sarah Durand
Photomontage: the community-industry interface – Nathan Kensinger
Newtown Creek Alliance: vehicle for collaboration and action – Willis Elkins
Mentors and students on the Creek – Holly Porter-Morgan, Jennifer Vance, S Durand
Photomontage: Creek action – people and their activities – Scott Sternbach

PART II 5:15 – 6:45pm
Case Studies of Collaborative Efforts – Successes and Knotty Issues
N. Henry Street and “No Name” inlet – the vision vs. getting there – S. Durand/W. Elkins
Dutch Kills salt marsh – how the NYCDEP is brining it back – John McLaughlin
Envisioning a Dutch Kills Park – Noah Kaufmann
Greening Hard Shorelines – what could happen in Newtown Creek? – Marcha Johnson
Restoration at Plank Road  – Willis Elkins
HarborLAB’s GreenLaunch shoreline – Erik Baard

DINNER 6:45 – 7:30pm
provided to all attendees (please RSVP here)

PART III 7:30 – 8:45pm
The Future
Reminiscences – children discover the waterway – Laura Hofmann
Re-imagining the Commons – Steve Lang
The Blue Commons and the Public Trust – Carter Craft
Share your Vision – dialogue with Riverkeeper – Sean Dixon
(Audience invited to sign up for Newtown Creek boating excursions)

Erik Baard: Writer, Community Organizer
Carter Craft: Dutch Consulate in NYC, City Parks Foundation
Sean Dixon: Riverkeeper Staff Attorney
Sarah Durand: LaGuardia Faculty – Biology/Natural Science
Willis Elkins: NCA Program Manager
Laura Hofmann: Barge Park Pals.
Marcha Johnson: Landscape Architect/Ecological Restorationist, NYC Parks and CCNY Architecture Graduate Faculty
Noah Kaufmann: Urban Designer, LIC Roots, NYCDDC
Nathan Kensinger: Photographer, Writer
John McLaughlin: NYCDEP Senior Ecologist
Holly Porter-Morgan: LaGuardia Faculty – Biology/Natural Science
Steven Lang: LaGuardia Faculty – Social Science
Scott Sternbach: LaGuardia Faculty – Photography/Humanities
Jennifer Vance: LaGuardia Faculty – Chemistry/Natural Science
LaGuardia Students – TBA

This event is made possible with funding provided by the New York State Office of the Attorney General and the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation through the Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund.

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