Support the SWMP! Garbage Equity!

The neighborhoods surrounding Newtown Creek host a combined 19 waste transfer stations (WTS). Collectively, these WTS handle almost 40% of the 12 million plus tons of waste moving through WTS in NYC annually. This is the densest concentration if WTS stations in New York City.

Because WTS are not evenly distributed throughout the City, and because most WTS use tractor-trailers for export, disposing of NYC’s waste generates unnecessary truck traffic and pollution. By utilizing marine transfer stations in closer proximity to collection vehicle routes, the City can alleviate environmental impacts for the whole City and in neighborhoods inundated by more than their fair share of the City’s noxious infrastructure. A single barge can carry as much garbage as twenty-eight tractor-trailer trucks. By building marine transfer stations – as recommended in the SOLID WASTE MANAGEMENT PLAN aka SWMP – and barging New York City’s garbage, the City can reduce waste related truck traffic in the City by more than 3 million miles annually.

TAKE ACTION! Make time to place a call Monday, 6/18, and voice your support for the SWMP. Call Speaker Quinn and the City Council (212-788-7210) and let them know that:

+ We THANK Speaker Quinn and the Council for their leadership and support in passing the 2006 Solid Waste Management Plan – however, three communities in  New York City (South Bronx, Williamsburg/Greenpoint and Southeast Queens) still handle an unfair share of the City’s garbage!

+ The Council must FINISH THE JOB – Support legislation to reduce the waste capacity of land-based waste transfer stations handled in overburdened communities. We need real reductions that will actually reduce the amount of garbage in overburdened communities! Make sure that each borough handles its own garbage.

+ The Council must fully implement the Solid Waste Management Plan –  make sure that all the Marine Transfer Stations called for in the SWMP, including the E 91st MTS, come online.

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