CSO monitoring results!

This just in from our friends over at the Interstate Environmental Commission…results from their second phase of water quality monitoring at sites throughout the Newtown Creek at locations that are impacted by Combined Sewer Overflow. Read on for a message from Caitlyn Nichols:

On behalf of the Interstate Environmental Commission, I’m pleased to share the results from ‘Phase 2 ‘of the NYCEBF Newtown Creek Fund project, “Newtown Creek Community Education & Involvement Initiative:  Stormwater Monitoring  and Modeling,” in which we are working on in collaboration with the Center for Environmental Science (CES) of the CUNY, College of Staten Island.

The workbook attached includes our latest set of wet-weather surveys conducted this Spring.

In addition, several maps depicting Dissolved Oxygen and Enterococcus 24 and 48 hrs post the wet weather event are attached…

As always, feel free to email me with any questions, comments, or suggestions how we may better disseminate and help to interpret the raw data for the NC watershed community.

We are near complete with our thorough quality control and analysis process and look forward to sharing more deliverables regarding the project in the coming weeks!

You can track this project on Google Plus, and on Habitat Map, or contact Caitlyn directly at cnichols@iec-nynjct.org.

This is what the sampling results looked like 24 hrs after a rain storm for Enterococcus, an indicator for the presence of sewage in the water: 


..and then here we have results from the same sites 48 hrs after the rain:

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