Wetland Frames Installed in Blissville

In close cialis fedex partnership with LaGuardia Community College, we have completed an installation of 20 wetland frames at the Waste Management Review Ave Facility in Blissville, Queens.

Under the guidance of Professor Sarah Durand, LaGuardia Community College/CUNY students, and NCA staff worked to install and plant these suspended aluminum frames with spartina alterniflora – a native salt marsh grass that formed the basis of the 1,200 acres of wetlands that once surrounding Newtown Creek. Spartina alterniflora is a keystone species that improves water quality and provides habitat for marine organisms. The basins sit high in the intertidal zone, flooded by the incoming tides twice a day, and are attached to the top of the steel bulkhead through an aluminum frame system. Planted in early summer 2023, these perennial grasses will come back each year, continually helping to remove excessive nutrients and add dissolved oxygen to the water column. This pilot project exemplifies how intertidal ecological restoration can be achieved within a waterway that is channelized, bulkheaded, and severely contaminated. 

Major thanks to project funders City Parks Foundation and Waste Management; North Brooklyn purchase viagra canada Community Boathouse and Outside NY for maritime support; Green Asphalt for sand donation; and all the CUNY students (current and former) who worked so hard on this installation: Rodney Ventura, Konstantinos Iliopoulos, Colin Brite, Shawn Blackman, Samantha Moura, Annie Gugliotta, Nick Russell, Shakira Thomas, Isabella Allwood, and Robert Niespor.

Get more background on the Intertidal Wetlands Project here.

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