Meet the 2024 Urban Heat Island Research Fellows

From left to right: Saffronia, Audrey, Anna, Victoria, Jyorei

NCA is viagra health store very excited to welcome our 2024 UHI Summer Research Cohort! For 8 weeks the fellows will be studying the impacts of Urban Heat Island within the North Brooklyn IBZ. Their research will support NCA revitalization efforts, finding new ways to assist industry and worker health in the IBZ. Stay posted for updates on their time at NCA, and including a mid a August final presentation to the community about their work; learn more about the program here!

Audrey Binder grew up in Sunnyside, Queens but overnight levitra currently lives in Woodside. In high school, she learned about environmental science and became interested in urban forestry. She focused her interests on New York City’s street trees and cared for them through stewardship activities such as pruning and mulching. As an incoming freshman at Columbia University, she hopes to study the climate crisis levitra online without prescription and gain more knowledge of potential solutions. She is currently interested in researching the impact of green infrastructure and street trees in the neighborhoods surrounding Newtown Creek in order to raise awareness of local environmental issues.

Jyorei Juanillo is a Filipino-American, rising sophomore at the City College of New York and will be attending her first year in the Spitzer School of Architecture. Growing up, seeing and walking through the urban jungle of New York City, has grown her interest in being an aspiring architect herself. Jyorei, however, is particularly interested in broadening and exploring her horizons in the field of Landscape Architecture where she takes interest in working with the environment to help improve more green space in a heavily industrial space , whilst also tackling environmental issues involved in New York City. 

Saffronia Traore-Rogers is a native Kensington-er, born and raised amidst the vibrant diversity of Brooklyn. Her college journey took me to Shanghai for two years, immersing me in a unique blend of city life and culture. Now back in New York, she’s pursuing a dual passion at CUNY: majoring in psychology and minoring in environmental science. Her passion for the environment is broad, but she’s particularly focused on conservation and sustainable agriculture. With a deep love for plants Saffronia is dedicated to promoting biodiversity and ecological health through sustainable practices.

Victoria Siebor is a Greenpoint native, growing up near Newtown Creek and the North Brooklyn waterfront. She graduated from Townsend Harris High School and is currently a rising junior studying History and Environmental Studies at Yale. She is interested in a wide range of topics, including but not limited to land and water rights, urban ecology, and Indigenous knowledge; she is particularly interested in environmental topics involving the U.S. and Eastern Europe. She hopes to pursue a career in environmental law and policy, particularly on an international scale. In her free time, Victoria enjoys various styles of dance (ballroom, contemporary, Polish folk, etc.) and is always hoping to learn more. 

Anna Chen is a graduating senior from Brooklyn Tech and she’s excited to explore Newtown Creek over the summer. Throughout high school she’s always been passionate about the microbiology of the environment around her. She hopes to continue pursuing this field in the future, combining it with her love for technology to better understand the whys and hows of the world. She also wants to thank Flair the snake for being the cutest snake ever and Dr. Margarita for introducing her to the world of environmental science. 

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