2015 Year in Review

Dear Friends and Supporters of NCA,

As 2016 approaches, we take some time to look back at the past year and NCA’s work to reveal, restore and revitalize Newtown Creek.  In 2015 this included hands-on efforts to improve environmental conditions, such as our continued restoration work at the Plank Road site in Maspeth (photo 1), as well as the launch of the Living Dock, a custom-designed floating structure providing much-needed clean habitat for native salt marsh plants and marine wildlife in Newtown Creek (photo 2). On the education and outreach front, NCA historian Mitch Waxman led a number of walking tours throughout the watershed highlighting important historic and ongoing environmental issues. NCA partnered on the Grey to Green campaign in efforts to increase awareness about Green Infrastructure needs and solutions around the Bushwick area (photo 3). Summer student researchers collected air and water quality data (photo 4), and NCA created Newtown Creek-centric posters featuring a custom-made map (photo 5) and guide for local birds and wildlife.

All in all, it was a very active year and we look forward to continuing the momentum in 2016 (see below for what’s in store). As a non-profit organization, much of NCA’s funding comes from project specific grants. And while we are fortunate to have funding support for specific projects this year and next, this does not always include administrative costs and it is difficult for NCA to maintain general operational activities. This includes activities like running public meetings and events, increased outreach and communication with the public, local businesses and regulating agencies and even managing summer interns.  A contribution of any size helps NCA expand our operations and further improve conditions on this 3.8 mile waterway in the heart of NYC. To those who have already made an end of year contribution, thank you. Others wishing to make a tax-deductible donation can do so online by clicking here or mailing a check to the address below.


What’s on the agenda for 2016? Here are a few of the main initiatives NCA will be working on in the new year. We look forward to involving community members in each project, so stay posted for updates!

+Water Quality Monitoring: A Greenpoint Community Environmental Fund (GCEF) project, Newtown Creek SAMPLES, will allow extensive monitoring of water quality conditions in Newtown Creek for purposes of community education and stewardship. This project is run in conjunction with LaGuardia Community College and North Brooklyn Boat Club.

+Greenpoint Bioremediation Project: Increasing public knowledge and local practice of popular established bioremediation techniques, including mycoremediation strategies and compost tea amendments. In partnership with Brooklyn College, the project will directly improve the health of the soils Greenpoint residents encounter in their day-to-day lives. The project is also funded via the GCEF.

+Creek Patrol: (photo 6) NCA will be expanding efforts to monitor and patrol the Creek and its surrounding watershed for ongoing sources of pollution, illegal discharge, dumping and other activities with negative environmental impact. These efforts follow the model set forth by our partners at Riverkeeper.

+North Henry Street Planning: (photos 7 and 8) After a year of research, community visioning and on-site surveying NCA will release our planning document for a section of shoreline at the end of North Henry Street in Greenpoint. Project partners include Allocco Recycling, NYC DEP and NYS DEC.

Bill, Christine, Dewey, Dorothy, Laura, Michael, Steve and Tom
NCA Board of Directors

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