Penny Bridge

In 2017, NCA began work to clean-up and re-introduce native plantings at the Penny Bridge site in Greenpoint. Situated at the end of Meeker avenue (see map here), this once was the location of the Meeker Avenue Bridge (AKA Penny Bridge) which was demolished in 1939 when the replacement, now known as the Kosciuszko Bridge, was built a block away. The upland area between the street and shoreline comprises nearly 1/2 acres of city owned land which has been largely neglected for many decades, overgrown with weeds and used as a dumping ground. Our organization is working with various city agencies to transform the overlook into a valuable green space for local workers and nearby residents. 

See the Penny Bridge sign detailing more history of the area here.

We have made tremendous progress at the site thanks to our dedicated volunteers. Stay posted to our events page for upcoming public workdays if you are interested in lending a hand! See more photos of the site below:

Penny Bridge (Meeker Ave)