Creek Cam!

NCA has partnered with EarthCam to bring you live views of Newtown Creek! We’re thrilled to join this network of webcams, showcasing different landmarks/areas of interest around the world. NCA’s EarthCam, stationed along the shoreline of the Kingsland Wildflowers building will highlight marine traffic, industrial activity, waterfowl, and recreational boaters along Newtown Creek. We hope this offers a new way for the community to access and learn about what’s happening on the Creek and buying propecia without a prescription to form closer relationships with the local ecosystem. Check it out at the link in our bio and let us know what you see!

Special thanks to EarthCam for this exciting partnership which will help us reveal Newtown Creek to locals and web visitors across the globe, and to Broadway Stages for hosting the location! View the live link and other EarthCam locations here.