Green Infrastructure

The Newtown Creek Alliance is continually searching the watershed for potential green infrastructure sites.  If you or someone you know is interested in partnering with us to develop a green infrastructure project in the Newtown Creek watershed please contact us at

What is “Green Infrastructure”?

Green infrastructure utilizes natural systems to absorb and filter stormwater, relying on soil and plant life to remove toxins and recharge ground water supplies.  In addition to its positive impact on water quality, green infrastructure also generates green jobs, saves money through reduced capital expenditures on grey infrastructure, and conserves energy and combats the urban heat island effect through shade, insulation, and transpiration.  Examples of green infrastructure projects include green & blue roofs, porous sidewalk & road surfaces, rain barrels, greywater systems, bio-swales, tree pits with storage chambers, and bluebelts.

Simply put, green infrastructure uses soil and vegetation to soak up stormwater before it gets to the sewer system.  This is important for NYC, and Newtown Creek in particular, because sewer overflows occur every time it rains contributing to toxic conditions in the Creek and New York Harbor. Implementing green infrastructure in Newtown Creek neighborhoods will improve quality of life on land while contributing to the long-term cleanup of the Creek.

Site Selection Principles

We are looking for sites that can be altered to incorporate vegetation and/or permeable pavement to collect stormwater and allow it to infiltrate into the soil or evapotranspire through plants.  The more ideal site will be visible to the public if not publicly owned, and will be controlled by one agency or owner.  We are looking for a site that is already in need of repair and is in a location that will best demonstrate the multiple benefits of green infrastructure. For example, sites near a school or play area would maximize the educational and public health benefits of the project.

Green Infrastructure Planning Map

How to Add a Site to the Map

To add potential green infrastructure sites to the map or to add photos, text, and videos to potential green infrastructure sites already marked on the map, follow the instructions below.

1) Register as a participant on HabitatMap
2) Click here to view the Green Infrastructure Planning Map on HabitatMap
3) To edit a site that’s included on the map: Click on the marker and then click “Edit Marker”
4) To add a site to the map: First hover your mouse cursor over the map title “Green Infrastructure Planning Map” and click “save to shared maps”.  Next click “Add a Marker” , enter the relevant information, check-off “Green Infrastructure Planning Map” under “Add This Marker to My Maps” and then click “submit”

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