Raccoons visit the Living Dock

Over the past two years, our restoration efforts with the Living Dock have faced some challenges as more of the grasses that we planted have either been chewed on by Canadian Geese or rummaged through and dug up by other, previously unidentified, creatures. Additionally, many of the ribbed mussels that seeded themselves within the dock were […]

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Plant Survey w/ Hudsonia

Newtown Creek Alliance has recently partnered with Hudsonia to identify, collect and document all of the many plants within 100 meters of Newtown Creek. Following a year of survey work we will create a field guide for the public and have a greater understanding of the diversity of plant species and their distribution along our beloved and […]

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Blissville Seep Comments

Oil Seeping out from the Former Pratt Oil Works Facility in Blissville, Queens. August, 2017. While many people are well aware of the infamous Greenpoint Oil Spill, a massive 17-30 million gallon plume of oil that lies underground and mixed in with groundwater under Greenpoint Brooklyn, there is much less knowledge about the Pratt Oil […]

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Storm Drain Stenciling!

NCA, in partnership with Riverkeeper, the SWIM Coalition and Gowanus Canal Conservancy, will be painting a number of custom made stencils on local catch basins to remind people that these areas drain to Newtown Creek during rain events and bring any trash that is on the street into our already polluted waterway. No More Pollution […]

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