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Sunnyside Focus Group on Green Infrastructure

UPDATE: You can check out an audio recording of this session here, and follow along with a pdf of the presentation here.  Thanks Andrew Pavia and Ziwen Tu for getting us the files. NCA’s Green Infrastructure Workgroup is hosting a focus group meeting for stakeholders in Sunnyside about stormwater runoff and Green Infrastructure. NCA is collaborating with Dr. Franco […]

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Hurricane Sandy Impacts on Newtown Creek

This week is a week of extremes for our region, and for us on Newtown Creek. While the G train tunnel under the creek remains flooded and impassable for commuters and residents, this weekend, 50,000 participants in the ING New York City Marathon will tromp over the Pulaski Bridge from Greenpoint to Long island City […]

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Green Infrastructure Workgroup Snoops Around

Where are opportunities in the watershed for investment in Green Infrastructure? That was the question of the day when this past weekend, members of the Green Infrastructure Workgroup roved around by bike scouring the landscape for future sites to manage stormwater, restore habitat and improve the water quality in Newtown Creek. We visited multiple sites […]

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