COVID-19 Updates from NCA

Greetings Newtown Creek Alliance Community, 

In these difficult and uncertain days, we wanted to reach out and provide some information and updates in regards to what we are doing as an organization and how we may be able to help serve some of our local residents, businesses and Creek stewards. First, we want to extend our best to all those working at essential businesses and operations that surround Newtown Creek. This includes necessary utilities like the Newtown Creek Wastewater Treatment Plant, businesses like Waste Management and Sims Recycling that are processing residential solid waste and recycling, the numerous distribution facilities like Fed-Ex and UPS, and the many, many other sites that are helping to sustain and fuel the City during the pandemic. Thank you to all the local workers and please stay safe.

Secondly, we recognize that a number of companies within the local Industrial Business Zones (IBZ) have suffered severe economic hardships. NCA has always sought to support our local workforce and it is very difficult to know that so many jobs are being lost and businesses shuttered. Many of our partner organizations have done an amazing job to support local businesses and provide valuable resources and information during the shutdown. If you are a local business please reach out to them for more information:

In regards to NCA programming, we have canceled/postponed all public programming, beginning last month. Activities like educational field trips, walking tours, public events at Kingsland Wildflowers and street-end cleanups are all being put on hold for now. Lisa and myself are working remotely on a number of planning and advocacy projects and will be expanding online programming for school groups and the general public. We look forward to sharing this new digital content with you as it develops. Until we can once again safely host public programs, please take care of yourselves and your loved ones. 

Willis Elkins
Executive Director

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