Greening Industrial Shorelines

On March 19th, at the Queens Landing Boathouse & Environmental Center, NCA teamed up with COWI and industry professionals to share more information about greening industrial shorelines. After the presentations, levitra bayer healthcare attendees participated in ongoing discussions and enjoyed a social hour together. Check out a video of the presentations if you’d like to learn more about industrial shorelines and their unique opportunities, challenges, and potential solutions.

Presentations by:
Willis Elkins, Executive Director at NCA
Matt Yamasaki, PE, Senior Project Manager at COWI
Gena Wirth, Design Principal at SCAPE
Marcha Johnson, Landscape Architect and Ecological Restorationist at NYC Parks.

Special thanks to our fellow presenters and to everyone who came out to join the conversation! This event was made possible with research funding from COWIFonden.

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