Climate Change Adaptations Tour

Grades: 6th-Adult, Capacity: 30 Students

Program Description:

Climate Change Adaptation program takes place in Hunters Point South Park order generic cialis in Long Island City. The tour begins and ends at the brand new Queens Landing Boathouse and Environmental Center. From there, we will set off on a walk through Hunters Point South Park discussing how history, climate change, and the water cycle has influenced the design of the park. Topics of landscape design, horticultural choices, water quality, and future development will be introduced through examples in the park creating a memorable and unique learning experience.

This program is around 120 min long and best for ages 4th grade and up as it includes a good amount of walking. 

Location: Hunters Point Park and Queens Landing Boathouse and Environmental Center

We welcome groups to our brand new space, Queens Landing Boathouse and Environmental Education Center where we start our tour of Hunters Point South Park located where the fast-moving East River and the calm waters of Newtown Creek meet. This park has the first public access point to the Creek in Queens and is designed to provide coastal habitat for wildlife and incorporate resilient design strategies that address stormwater management, rising sea levels, and pressures related to increasing density.

Accessibility: Hunters Point South Park best levitra online price has wide and even paved paths throughout the park. Stairs can be avoided if needed. There are public restrooms, water fountains, and shade available. Please make a note on the sign up sheet if you have any additional questions about accessibility.