Demo Greenroof Coming to McCarren Park

In 2018, NCA in close partnership with Highview Creations and GrowNYC, will create a demonstration green roof system at the McCarren Park Demonstration Garden in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. 

The project, 320 square feet in total, will be built on top of two separate 20 foot shipping container. One shipping container will be an intensive green roof planted with native perennials and grasses at an 8” soil depth, while the second will be an example of an extensive green roof with a 4” soil depth and planted with drought resistant sedum species. Having both types of green roofs side by side will serve as a visual representation of how the two different types of green roofs function. This is particularly pertinent to Greenpoint when considering its proximity to Newtown Creek. In addition to the dumping of toxic chemicals over the past 150 years, the Creek still suffers from on going pollution with the discharge of over 1 billion gallons of untreated sewage and stormwater, known as Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO). CSO is caused when stormwater falls directly on impermeable surfaces, like asphalt or buildings, runs off into the sewer system and overwhelms the capacity of the local treatment plants. Fortunately, green roofs are a simple and cost effective solution to managing stormwater and preventing it from reaching the combined sewer. This project is meant to address the public’s knowledge gap of our city’s wastewater management challenges and how green roofs are a part of the solution.

Together with our project partners, we will be hosting workshops and tours for local schools and community members at the demo roof in tandem with larger watershed education programming. Stay posted for updates as the project progresses.

Funding for the project is generously provided by the Hudson River Foundation.

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