Marine Ecology Investigation

Grades: K – 12th, Capacity: 20 Students

Program Description

This 90 min program will take place at the Queens Landing Boathouse and Environmental Center and is for smaller groups who would like a more in-depth program about local marine ecology, water quality and our local estuary habitat restoration efforts.

The activities will vary depending on age but may include marine life identification, water related activities such as measuring water’s physical characteristics; dissolved oxygen, temperature, pH, and salinity as well as learning how our findings impact our city, quality of life, and human and marine life health. Groups will be able to use tools such as microscopes, hand lenses, and water testing tools.

After the indoor portion students will be led through the newest portion of Hunters Point South Park to see the efforts of wetland restoration while walking the shoreline of the Newtown Creek and East River. 

Location : Queens Landing Boathouse and Environmental Center

We welcome groups to our brand new space, Queens Landing Boathouse and Environmental Education Center overlooking where the fast-moving East River and the calm waters of Newtown Creek meet. This program will start in the classroom and finish with a tour of the recently restored wetlands in the beautiful Hunters Point South Park.

Accessibility: Queens Landing meets ADA accessibility standards. The space is all one floor, has one large bathroom, and sinks for water refills. Please make a note on the sign up sheet if you have any additional questions about accessibility.