Meet our secure payment for levitra in canada 2022 Urban Heat Island Effect fellowship cohort!

This group of ordering levitra without a prescription fantastic fellows come to us from Brooklyn, the Bronx, and Queens. Each with their own experiences in the urban heat island; they’re studying the temperature variations amongst the Long Island City and Sunnyside built environments.

We will be hosting their final project presentations at 520 Kingsland Avenue on Friday, August 26th from 5-7pm. Register here if you’d like to learn about their work and findings!

Shakhawat Shaimoon

My name is Shakhawat Shaimoon and I am from Ozone Park, New York. I grew up in East New York/City Line close to JFK Airport. That is where my love for aerospace & aviation began. I went to Aviation High School in Long Island City to work on my A&P Certification. I went on to SUNY Farmingdale and got my bachelors in Aeronautical Science – Professional Pilot / Aviation Airport Planning. Currently doing my masters program at City College under the Sustainability in the Urban Environment. I am a very hands on/technical person and I love to learn more about engineering/aquatic systems and currently, I am trying to merge the fields of Sustainability and Aviation and find a common ground at Airport Terminal Management. I am a true gear head by nature (love my JDM vehicles), I enjoy coin/currency collecting and model scale cars, and I love to watch and play Cricket. 

Tara Fletcher

My name is Tara Fletcher, I will be graduating from Laguardia Community College in the fall and gaining my associates degree in Environmental Science. Before the fellowship I was in a year-long program called President’s Society Environment where we talked to local politicians to close down 29th street between Skillman ave and 47th ave to function as a permanent plaza. Outside of school I have a passion for bird and fungi identification and frequently do both of these things in Forest Park. 

Yaz Wilkerson

What’s up! My name is Yasmeen, people call me Yaz. I am a skateboarder, surfer, yogi, and a data analyst whose focus lies within sustainable community and ecological solutions. I got into data analyzation through a skateboarding organization called Harold Hunter Foundation, which allowed me to collect, clean, organize, and dissect qualitative and quantitative data from our participants. In exchange, we used this data to better our programming. From there I was inspired by the fire both my love for skateboarding and my passion for sustainability and ethical solutions to enter into the data field! Now, I travel the world to skate and surf all while connecting with the broader global boardsport community to bring about community-building and real life change.

Ari Batu Rivera

Hello! I’m a practicing urban ecologist who has spent the last 5 years exploring different environmental paths whether it was chemistry, urban forestry, energy justice, and farming. I have a drive to be interdisciplinary with my studies and anything I pursue. I joined NCA, because I believe river/creek ecosystems are part of the neighborhood’s life and want to do everything in my power to help establish relations between the creek and the surrounding neighborhood. I have a background in policy and planning, so I can bring some policy knowledge. I also have conducted various research projects that involved analyzing big data to reach a solution on community based issues. 

Jonathan Belair

My name is Jonathan Belair, I’m 27 and I’m from New England, specifically Massachusetts and New Hampshire. In high school I took night classes and advanced biology courses to graduate one year early. Once completed, I went on to start backpacking around South East Asia. I volunteered for a small school to build a sustainable farm on the grounds in order to allow the community access to food. After spending some time in New York and abroad, I moved to California for a few years to attend Santa Barbara City College to complete a degree in Marketing with the goal of helping NGO’s and non-profits. This past year I started studying my true passions again, Biology and Environmental Science, at LaGuardia Community College. I was blessed with wonderful professors who helped me with the transition of studying again at such a later age in such a different field than I was used to.

I feel blessed to be as a research fellow at Newtown Creek Alliance studying the urban heat island effect in Long Island City and Sunnyside, developing ways and methods with my cohort to help mitigate this effect and improve conditions in the city in the face of rapid industrialization, globalization, and climate change. We are also active in the community protesting against policy failures such as the North Brooklyn Pipeline. I am so proud of the work we’ve been doing here and I am hopeful I can continue this great work as long as I am able.

This program is made possible through a New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Community Impact Grant.

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