Newtown Creek Social Media Stickers

In early 2023, NCA was approached by local artist Wyatt Bertz, who was interested in using his technical and artistic skills to engage folks with the current state, remediation needs, and restoration opportunities of the Creek. The end product is a series of digital animations (stickers and clips) that playfully portray local wildlife, industrial uses, pollution sources, and unique scenes one sees on present day Newtown Creek. 

We are also very excited to work with GIPHY on this project, who is showcasing the stickers, including a special selection of clips that have sound added for extra purchase viagra canada emphasis. Our hope is that the stickers help advance our mission to Reveal Newtown Creek, through an avenue that may be a bit more lighthearted and accessible than typical advocacy channels. All stickers can be embedded or added to instagram stories by searching #newtowncreek

View all Stickers + Clips Here!

“I loved using 3D software to tell short, funny stories about the fascinating history of Newtown Creek. Beneath the humor of many of these animated scenes, there are insidious truths that have an impact on all of us as New York City residents. I love imagining that we will be able to swim in and eat from Newtown Creek in our lifetime, but we face immense obstacles in candian viagra remedying systematic pollution and neglect. Does a GIF have the power to change industry? I am excited to find out.”  – Wyatt Bertz

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