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UPDATE (December 12th): Thank you to everyone who contributed to the campaign. With nearly 70 individual supporters we raised over $17,200 total to support the project. To get more involved with the planning of the project, please reach out to us: dutchkillsloop @


NCA is pleased to announce a matching fund campaign to help support the development of the Dutch Kills Loop project, a proposed 1.2 mile circuit of potential open space and waterfront access in Long Island City, Queens. Centered around the Dutch Kills tributary of Newtown Creek the project aims to create a functional ecological oasis and bio-industrial park that will physically connect workers, students, and residents with new opportunities for open space, education, food production, food waste management, energy security, stormwater mitigation, and research.

Dutch Kills Loop Rendering, 2018

The Dutch Kills Loop concept was developed as part of the 2018 Newtown Creek Vision Plan (produced with Riverkeeper), an expansion of the earlier Ranch on Rails proposal submitted to the MTA by Smiling Hogshead Ranch, Newtown Creek Alliance and a consortium of numerous local stakeholders known as the Cutoff Coalition. Since 2018, we have continued to advance the Dutch Kills Loop vision, and now is the time to refine the concept and layout a clear path towards realization of this invaluable public access and ecological restoration project.

Funding raised for the project will allow us to: develop new site plans and renderings; grow governance/leadership of the team; expand outreach and communications; and establish feasibility and costs of various project components. 

All donations made through December 11th, up to $10,000 total, will be matched by a private family foundation. We hope that you may be able to help support NCA and advance this project.

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