Urban Waterways and Green Infrastructure Tour

Grades: 4th – Adult, Capacity: 30 Students

Program Description

The tour will start at Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roof where we introduce Newtown Creek  past, find cialis present and future, touching on the importance of green infrastructure, stormwater management, and creating native habitat. A tour of the green roof and its ecology will follow while groups take in an entirely different view of the Creek and its surroundings. 

We will then head to the Newtown Creek Nature Walk next door where the group will stop at different key points of interest to discuss our surroundings.

This program is between 90-120 min long and best for ages 4th grade and up as it includes a good amount of walking. We have found obtain viagra without prescription that Nature Walk tours are best with groups of 30 or less. If there are more students in your group, please contact us for the best way to proceed.

Note: This program has a different start and end point.

Location: Kingsland Wildflowers and Newtown Creek Nature Walk

This program will include both Kingsland Wildflowers Green Roofs and Newtown Creek Nature Walk.

Kingsland Wildflowers at Broadway Stages is a unique 25,000 square foot green http://www.newtowncreekalliance.org/order-cialis-from-canada/ roof that is home to an abundance of beautiful native flowering plants and insects. The rooftop garden provides an opportunity for education around New York City’s conservation efforts, green infrastructure initiatives and policy, and our role in the growing climate crisis as well as incredible views of Manhattan and the neighboring heavy industrial business zones. both next door and in the distance. 

The Newtown Creek Nature walk is a Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) is an open public art space that offers a scenic, meandering walk along the banks of the Creek. The walk is full of historical and artistic artifacts, native plants, animal sightings, and ongoing restoration projects that easily spark conversations about water quality, the history of the Creek, modern waste and consumption, and CSO challenges.

Accessibility: The Newtown Creek Nature Walk is wheelchair friendly although can have some uneven surfaces including small gravel, brick, and soil. There are two water fountains closer to the Kingsland Ave entrance, multiple trash cans and picnic benches, but no bathrooms. Please make a note on the sign up sheet if you have any additional questions about accessibility