2023 Tidal Toast!

Newtown Creek Tidal Toast

NCA’s 6th Annual Tidal Toast: October 18, 2023

We are thrilled to be celebrating our wonderful partnership with LaGuardia Community College at this year’s Tidal Toast. For years the professors, students, and faculty of LaGuardia have been key advocates in fighting for a cleaner, more accessible, and more resilient Newtown cialis alternative Creek. Located just a block from the Dutch Kills tributary, the school has partnered with NCA, and a number of other local organizations, to pilot a variety of education, restoration, and planning projects to improve the waterway. The college truly embodies NCA’s mission to Reveal, Restore, and Revitalize Newtown Creek which is why we are honoring them with all three awards this year. 

This year we are very excited to be hosting our Tidal Toast on the Creek itself. The event will take place aboard a chartered boat (departing and returning to cialis master card Greenpoint)! Click here to purchase tickets, make a small donation to support the event, or join as a sponsor.

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